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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  September 13, 2010 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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>> fire underground knocks ut power. >> we are very lucky that we
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don't have a big disaster. struggling to reopen in little italy. >> new plan to move the mosque near ground zerr. >> has nothing to do with muslim christian,,race, religion. >>the offer a maryland man is now making. >> clear skies can and highs around 80 for the next couple of days. when the rain will return in the forecast. >> and lawmakers kickinn and punching. why the two senators weree3 fighting in thailand. wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news t 10:00. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. jennifer is off tonight. four days on the run now. that'sshow long it has been %-attempted murder escaped from police. keith daniels is at city police headquarters where detectives bblieve he is on the run with his pregnant girlfriend. keith? >>well, jeff, the man walked ou3 of a rear door here attthe police complex. and tonight, they say he could be on his way to washington, or virginia, and they say he is
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traveling with his pregnant >> take a good look. his name is paul palmer. he is accused of attempted murder. and escaped suspect, still on the run, from baltimore city police. >> he is accused of stabbing a victim in the 200 block of davis %-stab taed him four times and fled in aavehicle. through witnees acccunts we tracked him down. >> detectives were talking with palmer at the central police district at baltimore and gay streets near city hall friday. police were transporting him to central booking when palmer faked a hand injury. when he got back inside of the slipped out the plastic handcuffs and ran away. he is on the loose. and now police have charged his3 prrgnant girlfriend, gina distefano with harboring a fugitive. they believe he was last seen with the woman saturday in the area of belair road and 695. a few miles.
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>> just sad..3 it is reallyysad. i feel sorry for the pareets. >> from distefano's parents in parkville. according to on line court records,,it is her last known address, in a neighborhood, gina. she simply is known as >> neighbors say she has not lived at home for some time. and the nice girl, one time reliable neighborhood baby-sitter. and now they say, her alleged3 shocking. >> absolutely devastating. and it is scary. aad if she is pregnant. you should worry about what will happen with the baby brought into this world. or what kind of life it will have. i mean, it is sad. >> well police say if you see either of them, distefano or live in city police headquarters. keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> aal right, keith. imam beeind the planned mosque
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at ground zero. he he is a proud american and mmslim he says. zero is worth the firestorm. >> this center, will be a place for all faiths, o come together, as partners, as stakeholders, in mutual respect. anddit will bring honor, to the city of new york. to american uslims across the country, and to americans all over the world. >> a poll showed voters overwhelmingly believe the group has the right to build the -osque but most ttink morally wrong. >> in baltimore county. a man that runs a non-partner wants to partner with trump and buy the property at ground zero. kathleen cairns reports tonight. he plans to put a center for thh disabled on that site. >> i beliiee in god. >> on the corner of greenmount and chase. >> everyone hhs sense. >> the world issues are under debate.
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>> it should not matter if you put it on the site. >> today's topic centers on a piece of property 198 miles away. the proposed uslim community center, two blocks from ground zero, in manhattan. >> big one to put it there. >> 45, 47 park place has people >> freedom of speech. we have tt be what we want to be. >> but in baltimore county. >> i thought it would be very nice, kind of a great project accident, to make an offer for the property down at grouud zero. >> pat, announces his own plans3 to raise money to onvert the building to a therapy center for people with disabilities. >> again, this has nothing to do ú%th muslim christian, race, religion. >> he wants to match trumps offer of 6,000,000. >> why should one of the buildings that as destroyed in the terrorist attacks bb open only to muslims. >> i believe in the american people and american spirit. they might have taken this
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buildings ffom us but they will >> back in the city. >> not like they saw them bblow up. the world trade center. you have to have proof. >> american values are viewed differently. >> all muslims are not the same. let the people practice their religion.3 >> in east baltimore. nobody. if they hadddone something, take it to court and prove it. kathleen cairns, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> no word on whether donald trump accepted the offer. >> howard county police say a domestic dispute led to a potential murder-suicide in ellicott city. police found 35-year-old clair stout and 49-yeaa-old reginald van grave shot to death in their home saturday. unmarriid couple lived with three young kids that werr home, at the time.3 >> interviewing young children, having them be witnesses, perhaps, to a criie, is something that is disturbing. even to our officers that specialize in this. >> autopsy results are underway
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tonight to determine the exact cause of death. >> and this unddrground firee3 cuts off power closing some restaurants, in little italy. some without power since sunday. -elinda roeder is standing by with how the outages are affecting the community tonight. melinda, what can you tell us? >> bge crewssare still here tonight. they have beennhere since early sundayymorning. taking very few breaks. they are working to repairú function and caught on fire, and so far only good news is that flames that did not >> they just had electrical fire. that's all. >> many residents and restaurants along high streee without power. -esult of an underground fire. >> a lot of smoke. >> that sent flames and smoke shooting up into the street. -> thank god nobody was hurt. >> this man owns alto's along with his son that shot the video with his cell phone.3 monday evening, and tte business ii stilllwithout electricity, or
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any way to keep the food cold. now, it is spoiling, and most of it must be thrown away. >> yeah,,it is a lot of food. yeah. but you cannot chance it. >> it is unclear when repair crews will have the lights back on. >> they tell us that they won't be done until, maybe, after midnight some time tonight. >> actually bge called me twice today. they said tomorrow around 8:00. >> it is a complicated problem that they thought they had fixed yesterday. >> when they turn the power bac3 on, then they had anothhr explosion. so had it twice. >> rocko's initially cutoff. but power restored by monday morning. >> had a littte parssey. aad white wine. >> he is back open for business but doubts ustomers know that. with all thh raucous going on around him. >> if people come in, they wwllú if noo, then i will have a good
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time. became going to be eating. >> restaurant owners try to take it all in stride. >> it is a day off. >> but no business, means. >> but neighbors who walk the %-wonder.f little italy still >> yeah, he has a lot of questions. >> when they will finally finish the work. >> yeah, i cannot coopllin. they seem like they are doinn their best. again. >> lets eat. >> now, the utility work stretches for about two blocks here behind me on high streee. tonight thereeare still crews here working underground. in fact, the entire right side of the street here, is still ripped up. again, they hope to have all of live in little italy, melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> ravens' fans took the purple pride nto enemy ttrrittry for the season opener. kristen berset standing bb live ú% the new meadow land stadium. 16 w, on the new jersey turnpike
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%-battling the jets. currently kristen? >> thank you, jeff. yyah, there are several hundred ravens' fans that took the bus up here today to see the match up. of course the last few weeks there was a lot of alking between the ravens and jets camp. players playing with emotion on the field. and fans brought plenty of their own. >> with the new meadow land stadium as a back drop. bus loads of ravens' fans gather among a sea of green and white. not afraid to show their alliance. >> go ravens. >> et cctera go ravens. >> o ravens. >> all while enjoying the tailgating staples. >> hamburgers, pasta. shrimp, fish. >> relationships transcend rivalry. >> little riialryygoing on here. and too bad he will lose. >> good rivalry.
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>> no injuries tonight. we come away clean. >> the alliance even extends to a friendly gaae of bags. %->> but that all goes out the window, when the players take the field. >> san check, he needs to change his pants. ray is coming at him. >> our offense is way betterr so i think we will pull it out. >> 17-10. >> yeah, close. >> yeah, but i don'' see how ttey can shut all of our wwapons down. >> it has been a heated battle. ravens have been tested all night long.3 and number of penalty yardage should prove it. jets alone, first half, had 100 yards in penalties. and east rutherford, kristen berset, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> all right. talk to you later kristenn >> now to the question of the day. are the raven's headdto thh playoffs this season, in your opinion?3 73 percent say yes. and 27 percent say no. rebecca writesson our weesite. ú%s, go ravenn. love ray lewis and the other
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players. but tonya writee, too early to say. go to foxbaltimore.command tell us whht you think..3 you can sound off through faaebook. send us a tweet@foxbaltimore. ú%ter fox 45 a for yes. fox 45 b for no and your response may air on the "late edition" at 11:00. >> everyone in the city of baltimorr was ready for the first game of the nfl season for the ravens. tiffany, sent this in. %-for the first game.mily ready, they are good to go. but melon from mount ernon sent this picture of her dogs bottom and dora, ready to start the party. they are good to go. show us your purple pride. go tt ppide and upload your pictures. >> i was in iraq as annaviation ordinary answer man. >> coming up on foxx45 news aa 10:00. see how some veterans want o cootinue to serve their country. it is our cover story tonight.
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>> also aheaa. see video taken very, very close to that gas pipe line blast last week. >> surprise endorsement today in the city state's atttrney race, who is breaking tradition, tell you coming up. >> we had a rain delay, with that game up thereein ew y [ male announcer ] the new subway flatbread breakfast sandwiches! like the new double bacon & cheese omelet sandwich! they're all new. toasty, tasty, and made to your order. so come and build your better breakfast today, at subway!
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it's time for fios. visit call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >> the woman that witnessed the shooting of former councilmanken harris told jurors what happened that night. as crime and justice reporter joy lepola tells us now, her testimony in the murder case kicked off the state's case. >> after nearly tto years, the only eyewitness to former councilmanken harris' murder broke her silence. came on the irst day of testimony. for the three suspects accused in harris' mmrder.
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monica foreman robinson was inside of the car when a man wearing a halloween mask fired %-told urors, quote, i was terrified. i couldn't believe what was happening. i wws screaming and yelling, telling kenneth to drive. >> robinnon said she felt the car shake. but she never heard a gunshoot she testified in court, that quote when he slowed down, i didn't know he was shot. i kept saying, go, go, go. defense attorney discussed the state's case, he represents williams. %-securities beliive shot harrr. >> the testimony today seems to be not what sse said. so that's one of the things exxmination. >> during opening statements, prosecutors mapped ut the case. and told the jury hat even though nooone that night saw the faces of the three suspects, modern technology, and forensic science would prove beyond a reasonable doubt that charles mcganey, gary colyns and jerome
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williams are responsible in harris' murder and the armed robbery at the new haven lounge where harris had stopped. and as i indicateed in my opening, this is a high profile case, and my suspicion is the police department had to make a quick arrest to calm the fears >> bifvens arguud somebody had to pay. %-in downtown baltimore, joy lepola, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> robinson testified that she was seeing harris for six months. hhrris' widow meantime was not in court today. >> tomorrow's primary day in the state of maryland. all eyes in baltimore city, are, of course, on the race for city state'' attorney. michael buczyner joons us with the latest high profile endorsement given out earlier
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today and how it could affect the outcome of the race. %->> jeff, one day before voters decide who will likely be the next sttae's aatorney, high profile against attorney aid he is brraking with tradition. >> violent crime has declined by 59 percent. >> although mrs. jessamy is a nice personn office has stagnateedd >> in the final hours, leading up to primary day, jessamy and campaign pitch. and so are outsiders. >> i am supporting bern 17 for state's attorney. >> former judge and prominent murf is he breaking withy, billy tradition. and endown, challenger greg bernstein for city state attorney. >> so many disasters in thaa office. so many failed opportunities. time for baltimooe to get something etter than ttat. >> murphy's announcement comes on the heels of several other high profile endorsements for bernstein. including the city police union and baltimore sun. >> it is time to stop the
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revolving door and try to prosecute more effeccively criminals. >> i look forward to continuing the progress we made. >> incumbent jessamy that is fighting to keep her job of 15 years, down plays the sunns today picked up another endorsement. baptist minister's conference. >> over the covers my time as state's attorney i have doneean outstanding job,,and i continue to perform on behalf of the citizens. >> the controversy has not escaped jessamy's campaign. >> if he is elected, he would be taking us barks 60 years. >> "youtubb" video from a recent rally is now coming under fire. >> it is inappropriate to say that. i am deeply offend by it. >> jessamy contends the comments were not racially motivateed and alludeed to rime policies of 60 years ago. >> shame on them for interjecting something that had no relevance at all to what i was saying. >> greg bernstein said the crime
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playing calls for locking up the most violent offenders and nothing to do with race. 10:00. >> thank you michael. >> some marylanders are getting calls from former vice-presidential nominee sarah palin. >> hi, this is governor palin here to tell that you brian murphy is the only candidate for governnr with the private sector experience to get maryland's economy moving. >> palin underscores that murphy is not career politician, and the only true conservative in the race. murphy vows to take a harder stance against illegaa immigration. pro-life.3 ú%d pro second amendment. the other half f the presidential ticket endorsed ehrlich. senator mccain endorsed him earlier today after a meeting at the aval academy ehrlich said he appreciates mccain's sense of duty to country. >> and it is the final push of course for the two democrats vying for executive. john rydelll as more on the lively campaign. >> it is an age old campaign technique embracee by countless
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candidates. and county councilman evin kamenetz opes those hongiig honors will vote for him. ú% has reppeseeted the area for 16 years. >> i have thheright combination of experience, knowledge and vision. waat to do for the county. >> four teem councilman bartenfelder is also seekingg last mmnute support. his message to fooks outside of the overly senior center, fiscaa responsibility. >> run our government efficient, ú%fectively. and still deliver theeservices they pay. expect by the taxes >> but in their quest to become county executive both candidates have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on campaign ads. also mailed out flyers promoting -he acccmplishments, anddin some casss denouncing the opponent. >> and while bartenfelder has been ndorsed by the unions representing police and firefighters. cammamkevin kamenetz has been
10:22 pm
endoosed by the un and pawtucket newspaper. but the jewish times has decided not to endorse either candidate. >> are you surprised or disaapointed and. >> no i am grateful. because i don't want that to be perceived as some religious bias. >> but innthe editorial, jewwss times said either candidate is a winning choice. that statement pleases bartenfelder. candidates. and make the decision that you think is bess, for the future of this county. -> and with the campaign winding down, both candidates say they %-supporters show up at the pol3 in randallstown, john rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. -> the winner will beefacing former state delegateken holt november 2 n the general election, of course. the economy is number one. thousands of people in tate of maryland looking for new jobss as we speak. and most maryllnd census jobs ended in july and august. that means 12,000 people nned to find work somewhere else.
10:23 pm
and the state unemployment ratt declined between april and july. but the same rope has to be seeú in aay of the sectors. >> and the debateeheats up over the bush tax cuts. president wants to enew them for low and middle class americans. but let them expire in december for those that make more than $250,000 a year. -his weekend the top republican in the house said if that's the only alternative, he would vote for t but compromise is not ú%kely to happen in the u.s. senate however. >> we cannnt allow the joo creators to pay for democraa out of control spending. >> we cannot give awwy $700 billion to folks that don't need itt and think somehow we will bblance our budget. it is not going to happen. >> congress's only in session for a few brooks the election so congress will prrbably not act until november. >> rasmussen asked 1000 likeey voterr about the bush tax cuts. 51 percent say they should be extend fodall americans. 44 percent say they should be -xtend fodeveryone except the
10:24 pm
riih. five bersare not sure. tomorrow as we said is primary day in the state of maryland. two key raccs will likkly be decided tomorrow night. hopefully. baltimore counny executive and baltimore city state's attorney. of course stay with fox 45 news all night long. live as he votes are and we will stay with you, until the key races are ecided. even if that means the sun get all he latest information for the primary in november's3 election, 2010. beautiful start to the work week. what is in store for primary here is chief volumes vytas reid with the forecast. voters don't have much of an excuse to vote. >> no, leave the umbrellas at home. ann take the sunglasses with you. plenty of sunshine. in fact, tomorrow, looks like good testimonies today was good temperatures across the region. as we were going through the day, looking across the state. we had temperatures right around in the lowee 80s today. but urrently we are sitting at 67 in baltimore. 75 in d.c.
10:25 pm
73 ii hagerstown. 63 degrees the same in salisbury at 63. and as far aa the satellite strong storms rooled through new york earlier today. and that delayed the game earlier today by 15 minutts..3 but it looks liie we are cllar right now. aa the frontal boundary pushes through. behind that nice clear and timeing hat out it looks like not a lot of activity. and dry. as we go through the next couple of days. closer v look at how thisthings play outtin the forecast coming up in detail. in a bit. >> you can be in charge of your forecast.nalizzd weather i-radar available at down to your street. go to and click >> coming uu on fox 45 news at 10:00. american idol may have a new judge. the negotiating going on with j-lo, later as fox 45 news at 10:00 continues. >> i inntially enlisted one of the -- when i was 19.
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>> next, after years of serving his nntion, hh is asking to serve the public again. what this man and other
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>> after nine years of fighting terrorism iraqi war veterans are getting involved in the arena of politics. %-running for office.ome are
10:29 pm
in tonight's cover story, melinda roeder introduces us to some eteran candidates. >> america, has a long history of military leaddrs, who have gone on to serve their country in public office. now it seems the next generation of servicemen is looking to take action too. >> i just retired, medically %->> benjamin lawless joined the marines in 2003 as a teenager and soon deployed. >> in 2005, in to 2006, i was in iraq, as annaviation ordinance man, i built aerial expose did maintenance on some of the weapon systems. >> his position on gun laws, should come as no surprise. >> aryland's laws for handgun carry, are unconstitutional. by far. >> and as a former military policeman, he has some strong -hooghts on crime too. the advantage. they have the guns because they don't follow the rules. you ann i, the good guys, are
10:30 pm
losing because we do. >> now he has plans to not only enforce laws. >> this bill is an important step forward. >> but also create them. which is why hh is running for maryland state senate. >> am new at this. %-maryland is a more faailiar face. i retired in 2004. i initially enlisted when i was ú%-years-old. >> andrew duck has run for congress before and he is but not when you consider hisght record. >> deployed three times to boonia. spent time on the ground in iraq, in 2003. when weewent in to iraq, for the initial push up to baghdad. >> after 20 years in the army, duck knows about service, nd country. >> we take a oath hen we enlist, and when we are commissiooed, to protect and defend the constitution of theú u.s. against all enme foreign and3 %-and that's tte same oath that you take as an elected official. >> he knows firsthand how important defense funding is, for the troops. but thinks the economy is an
10:31 pm
even greater concern than the war. >> e cannot be strong militarily, if we can't have a viable economy to back that up. >> he believes america needs better intelligence and moreú veterans makkng key decisions. >> i would like to see more representation ofvet veterans in our governmentt at all levels. >> he is not alone. many older vets hare that opinion. >> one of the problems we have today s we have the, least amount of veterans in congress and senate. 22 percent. it should be 35 percent. whether i disagree orragree with >> most veterans feel voting is a civic duty and a privilege gganted bbt shouldn't.ake for >> to me the way this country is going noo, i think, they alll3 %->> it is an opportunity that e have, as americcns, that majority of the world does not. >> and even though most active duty soldiers must cast balloosú absentee you can bet many will
10:32 pm
vote for years to come. >> you will ffnd that folks that come back, are more likely to voteethan most. and more likely to be active. >> after seeing tte headlines, from the front lines, these republiian, share one goal, to continue serving. >> because we have been there. >> it is a right of mine.ú >> melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 0:00. >> there are more than a dozen iraqi war veterans running for congress this fall. two are already serving. many more seeking state positions. >> next on the newssat 10:00. see video taken very close to the gas pipe line explosion last week.ú >> but next. see how be 60-yeaa-old lawmakers nation, right after the break. 3 >> nexx day planner shows clear skies tonight. tomorrow morning, plenty more sunshine to start us ff. and temmeratures right arrund 80
10:33 pm
by lunch time. >> beautiful day today.3
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and should be nice for tomorrow? >> pleasant day. started off with cloud cover this morning. few scattereddfoggy areas. but it cleared up quickly. >> beautiful. >> beautiful. and we will continue to stay beautiful for the next couple of days here. downtown baltimore.
10:36 pm
looking at quiet tranquil conditions, as we continue to see clearing skies. and temperatures right now -iting at a comfortable 67 degrees. you can probably crack open the windows and let n cool air. not so much the breeze because we have calm winds. and clear skies. humidity levels at 66 percent. and it looks like we will continue to stay on the nice track of things for the next few days here. today, almanac shows a high of 81. normally we should be at 79. so we are kind of in tte range of where we should be ffr this time of year. low wass58 this morning. record was 97 degrees back in 1952. low of 42 back in 1958. and we did not have any precipitation to talk b asswe saw dry conditions out there today. but much needed rain the other day. around an inch fell. which we needed. because it was dry for several days. state temperatures across the region. looking at 3 in salisbury. dover 69. and 68 in wilmington delaware. back in hagerstown. 77. dc, nation's capitol at 75. and it looks like for the moot part everyone is getting
10:37 pm
comfortable air overright. and bigger picture across the mid-atlantic, boston 60. new york 66 degrees. 75 in richmond. and then coolerrtemperatures up in the great lakes. and it looks like a frontal boundary extends down and fire off strong thunderstorms earlier today. affecting the game with the jets. because of the severeute delay thunderstorms that rolleddacross nnw jersey, trenttn, mmahattan to long issand and since pushed east. -oving along the cold front that will continue to move through. it looksslike it won't adjust the temperatures too much. i should not say cold front but cool front. not making us too cool. few degrees down.ú ann high pressure south of us, should keep things relatively dry. thereeis a slight chance for a pop-up showwr to the northwest of us. as a trough kind of moves throughhthe area. but for the most part here. ww will be dry until, probably, thursday night that. maybe the next chance we get a chance for rain around here. looking at the atlantic satellite. trooical view here. look at how well defined the eye
10:38 pm
on igor is. the strongest hurricane so far this season. with winds at 150 miles per and we have gusts at 184 miles %-dangerous category 4 storm. the track of the ssorm is not affecting any land mass at this time. but look at the category 4. becomiig a three. as we get toward thursday or friday. it looks like by friday,, becoming a three. ú%ok at the beline. projected path. island of bermuda. stronger edge of the storm. potential for it to affect the folks in bermuda, by saturday night to sunday. ss we have to watch this close g folks out there shoold be prepping for the storm. becauss it looks llke it is heading their way. tonight clear skies. 69 degrees. westerly wind at 10-to-15. plenty of sunshine tomorrow. ú%ound 81 for the high. nice breezy day. northwest winds five to 15. and 80 wednesday. 78 thursday. chance for showers thursday night. friday and saturday fabulous as we clear out. anddthe weekend looks great. >> more incredible video taken
10:39 pm
from the gas line explosion in the state of california. this video taken from a house balcony behind the up and taken just after the explosion. look at that..3 and ook at this. video shows customers rushing out of a storr right after the explosion. people are clearly scared and begin to run. one person was in such a hurry he slipped and fell righh in front of the door. thursday's blast killed, at least, four people and destroyed 50 homes. >> lawmakers in thailand prove you are never too old to stay fit. the nation's senate staged a kick oxing fight between two senior senators outside of parliammnt in bangkok thailand. for two rounds, the former workers, age 64 and 60, throwing real punches, and kicks. both men were declared the winners of the match. kick boxing has a long history in thailand. and maybe theyyshould bring that to apitol hill, t least it would make things interesting.
10:40 pm
>> it is sunk the last ship of world war ii. now the uss torsk is resupplying again. using volunteers, two torpedoes from world war ii load order board this morning. one of the weapons was actually on board the ship that dates torpedoes were dangerous back then and no different today. >> 3500 pounds. say my prayers every morning when we do a load that nobody ggts hurt. >> while technically on loan, the volunteers say the torpedoes could end up on board permanently. >> video games could be good for -our mind. the kind of thinking it improves, in tonight's "word on the web". >> and american idol may
10:41 pm
10:42 pm
everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases. as you know, there's a big difference between fees and taxes. but...they're the same. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. there's a big difference between fees and taxes. fees and taxes are one in the same. if it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax. now he says it isn't true. we didn't raise taxes. what? still doing the same thing, paying out more money. typical politician. definitely.
10:43 pm
if you don't have anything nicc to say don't say it at all. but new study indicates that saying something gooddto be healthh. doctors say if you have something nice to say, say it. it could be good for you. the study shows repeating positive phraaes gave the praiseer a self esteem booster but negative speaking and thinking folks had an equally
10:44 pm
adverse physical reaction -hemselves. >> don't put down the video game remote yet. new survey indicates tonight gamers could be improving their mind playing video games. in tonight's "word on the web". judy kurtz reveals the important skills these games may accually be teaching. judy? >> if you are no good at last minute decisions there may e an easy answer to the problem. play some action packed video games. researchers at the university of rochester find people that play action video gamee are better at making quick and accurate decisions. yyung dults. %-paced straaegy ame.y the slow and other combat games. and the grouu that played thh accion video games did 25 percent better on decision making tests and roblem solving exercises than thh other players. the researchers say the findings could help to train surgeons or soldiers. studies in the journal biology.
10:45 pm
>> there is a lot of noise oot there tonight. that j-lo, may have signed aa3 deal to become a judge on the fox hit tv show american idol. fox is not confirming anything. but one website reports she signed a deal with fox for $12 million. tipsters also say that jennifer lopez wanted a bigger deal than that. but fox brass said no. you caa watch american idol when it comes back in the monnh oo january, righh here of course on fox 45. >> the ravens and jets start out late due to lightning. find out if the
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introducing the samsung fascinate powered by verizon. super amoled screen. six-axis 3d gaming and access to thousands of free apps. all in one ultra-thin package. you want it, we got it. the samsung fascinate. only at verizon.
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, skipping. >> inal look at the seven-day forecast. it looks like for tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. temperatures out around 81 degrees. fabulous day. 80 on wednessay with partly cloudy skies. thursday ew clouds roll in. thursday night. chance of showers. 79 friday.atures 78. kicking off the weekend. fabulous weekend. looking good saturday and sunday. lower 80s w plenty oo sun. jeff? he ravens open the season
10:49 pm
tonight against rex and the jets. bruce cunningham joins uu with "sports unlimited" and highlights, may i add. >> oh, you know that's right. coming up on "sportssunlimited". the ravens and jets delayed by lightning. find out if that stopped the ravens from having a thunderous start to the season. you get it? >> orioles start a six day homestand tonight hosting the %-could they have the first winf the year from the rivals north of the border. countdown of the great plays. stops at the goal line and aa3 find out who reigned supreme in "sports unlimited" plays of the week. that's coming up. "sports unlimited" starts right now. >> after aal the waiting, all the hype and jawing back and forth, they ffially hit the field tonight in the meadowlands. ravens and jets, n the 2000 season opener. we knew going in, they were two premiere defenses and nothing we saw tonight caused us to ccange


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